Mark Leichliter

After more than 25 years crafting sculpture in metal, primarily for large-scale public art projects, I’ve elected to branch out and explore the neglected recesses of my creativity. Wandering into my fifth decade, the wear and tear on my physical self has become a limitation and a constant source of pain; my mind, however, continues to crave the thrill of artistic challenge and shows no sign of slowing down. It is, alas, just as goofy as ever.


“Watcher.” Ominous otherworldly orb observing omnisciently. A treatise on the ubiquity of surveillance and the loss of privacy in our technology-driven lives.


“Echo.” Intrigued by the emergent complexity that comes from repeated iteration and refinement of simple shapes. Respecting the accidental is both difficult and necessary to my process.


“Wholly.” Flirting with circles, circle packing algorithms, and the holy-ness of holiness.


“An Interconnected Series of Demons.” Riffing on Senator Ted Stevens’ notorious description of the Internet, this one might have something to do with the double-edged sword of technological advancement.