Mark Leichliter

Mark Leichliter


I’m a self-taught artist. Been working as a sculptor and metalworker for several centuries. I once thought I couldn’t do anything else, but the scales have fallen, and I’m trying to boldly go where once only handsome, straight, cis-gendered white guys used to go: Captain of the Starship Artistic Enterprise.

You may also notice that I suffer from a terminal case of smart-ass. This is no fluke or figment of your imagination; the struggle is real. Those aforementioned centuries of work in the field have honed my sense of irony and facetiousness, especially given that almost no one ever reads these things. Congratulations on being a rarity.

All artwork and other jokes on this site are copyrighted by Mark Leichliter. All rights reserved. Don’t steal my shit, just go make your own. Its not that hard; just takes a few centuries.




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