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Happy Valentine's Day!

So, it turns out that there is a whole raft of myth and legend associated with what we think of as Saint Valentine’s Day. Have a gander at the Wikipedia page for an idea of just how convoluted (and mostly apocryphal) the whole sordid business really is. I find it fascinating that our primary association of the holiday with romantic love comes to us courtesy of that scamp Geoffrey Chaucer in his Parlement of Foules way back in 1382, wherein he was referencing the beginning of mating season for English birds. Dead sexy! As Chaucer was using the Julian calendar, and due to the precession of the equinoxes among other timekeeping foibles, the date he was referencing was almost certainly not the 14th of February on our Gregorian calendar.

So, what has all this to do with art, you don’t ask? I was thinking about all the greeting cards and other gifts that get exchanged for this particular holiday, and all the artists whose toil and sweat goes into the making of this oft-mocked occasion. At least some portion of the $18.2 billion that gets spent on Valentine’s Day goes to support art and artists. It’d be even better if hand-crafted, personalized work was better represented, but given the difficulty of the artist’s life in 21st century Merka, it’s a start. I’ll only mention in passing how great it would be if all these artful transactions didn’t involve the corporate behemoth, the offshore slave labor, or the support of a Cis-gendered, heterocentric view of romance. A human can dream, though, right?




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Speaking of art, I’d like to offer a big thanks to my friend Anne Bossert, whose insights into her work through her newsletter inspired me to produce one of my own. Not only that, but having the privilege of living every day with her artwork reminds me why the struggle is worth it. That's her Longstocking table below. Just. Wow.
Anne's Table
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